About Us

Our History

Darren worked as a self-employed formwork carpenter for various companies in the London area, mainly for smaller contractors; where he gained experienced in carpentry, steelfixing & concrete placement.

He then started my own small formwork company Precise Formwork Ltd, aimed towards smaller, logistically challenging jobs (work undesired by larger concrete contractors).

The companies niche began to develop towards complex geometric structures. Particularly fair-face concrete projects & helical stairs.

In total he accumulated:

Was Precise Formwork Ltd A Failure? - No, profit margins were high, we still have copies of the companies accounts & can prove this should it be desired.

Professional Estimating Experience

He chose to focus on the part of the business he enjoyed the most - estimating.

From there he went on to a large rc frame, groundworks & infrastructure contractor with a turnover of +£200 million for 2 years with the goal of starting his own estimating practice.

What's The Largest Project You Have Tendered?

£12 million consisting of rc-frames & groundworks. Though this sounds impressive all too often people associate pedigree with value.

Capabilities & competency is based upon the complexity of a project. The complexity of the geometry involved & it's sensitivity to sequencing & external trades, logistical challenges etc... which are often missed are the things which can really hurt a contractor if overlooked.