We offer some unique services to the concrete industry; categorized into 2 sectors:

Freelance RC Frame Estimator

Providing measurment/ takeoff from drawings & generating boqs based on the information to hand. Featuring in-depth analysis of supplier & sub-contracted trade enquiries.

Measures can be undertaken to pour sequences or traditional format based on which you prefer.

View the pdf to see an example of a previous submission.

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Concrete Frame Takeoff Service

SMM7 Quantification

  • waterproof-concrete-slabs
  • concrete-beds
  • waterproof-walls
  • vertical-blended-concrete

Graphical displays based upon slabs, walls etc...

Compare the sequential slideshow to see the difference in detail from a SMM7 takeoff compared to a sequential takeoff.

Sequential Quantification

  • concrete-pour-1
  • concrete-pour-2
  • concrete-pour-3
  • concrete-pour-4
  • concrete-pour-5
  • concrete-pour-6
  • concrete-pour-7
  • concrete-pour-8
  • concrete-pour-9
  • concrete-pour-10
  • concrete-pour-11

Measured to SMM7 categories & sub-categories but with careful consideration given to the sequence of works (Recommended option).

A more accurate submission, due to:

  • Enhanced Value - Pour sequences phased to maximise efficiency by careful consideration to the most practical pour sequences. With a focus towards differential concrete mix specifications; in the example RC-FRAME-ESTIMATE.pdf:
    • Blinding - FND2, Cl0.40, S3;
    • Waterproof Beds Waterproof Additive - RC45, DS3, S2/S3; 1st 200mm to thick beds;
    • Blended Concrete Beds Not Requiring Waterproofing Additive - RC45 DS3, S2/S3;
    • 1m Perimeter of Waterproof Additive Concrete to Adjoining Waterproof Walls - RC45 DS3, S2/S3;
    • Typical Structural Concrete - RC40, S2/S3;
    • Columns - RC45 S2;
    • Columns Entwined in RC Walls - Pudlo Additive - RC45, DS3, S2;
  • Construction Scheduling - More accurate;
  • Balance of Plant - Couple the above concrete specification with different formwork specification finishes more accurate material coefficient can be determined;
  • Labour Outputs - less productive periods can be identified;
  • Balance of Labour - The most practical number of operatives "core-team" can be deduced & periods of temporary/ outsourced labour can be identified & priced accordingly;